Don’t be afraid to move forward. Go ahead for that position!

What fear are you allowing to keep you from moving forward in your career? What are you telling yourself when you come across a position or goal that you are fully qualified for but keeps you from stepping out and doing it? Why is it easier to believe that you can’t do it versus that you can? After all, it takes the same amount of energy so why not believe in the positive outcome?

The reaction I often get when I ask new clients what they are most proud of in their career is usually an uncertain hesitation. It’s as if they either do not see what they have accomplished as something to be celebrated or are uncomfortable with speaking about themselves. Often, they have to take a minute to think about what it is they are proud of.  They shyly share an accomplishment but quickly dismiss it as insignificant. After I encourage them to share or elaborate, what once seemed uncertain or uncomfortable becomes a passionate, energetic discussion. 

The reason why I ask this question first is because it provides insight into the client’s personality and what makes them excited. This information and passion will translate into their resume, during the interview and ultimately in the new position.  The fact is the positive energy projected makes a candidate memorable and intriguing.  As a leader and hiring manager, the person who was confident, energetic and passionate was the one I remembered most. If the candidate also met most of the position requirements, that was the candidate most often hired.

So what are you waiting for? Your relevant experiences and accomplishments are valuable to a company. At those times you are feeling doubt and apprehension, remind yourself of those career accomplishments you are most proud of. Realizing your contribution to a company will increase your confidence and marketability. So go for that position! You just may surprise yourself and get it!

Confidence Matters. What’s stopping you?


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