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Aging Care, The Crisis that Nobody Talks About

The traditional holiday time has finally arrived! The excitement of glowing lights, festivities and spending time with family is contagious. Everyone is rushing around trying to find the perfect gift and making decadent holiday meals. This time of the year is cheerful and nostalgic for many. Who doesn’t have a family “story” of the older family member who does weird things or is refreshingly candid? Yes, Aunt Mary or Big Daddy can be counted on for a memorable laugh or two at their expense. For many, this time of the year is not the mirthful time filled with Christmas trees and cranberries.     Senior citizens all around the country are hiding a secret. Some are spending the holidays (and lives) alone because they don’t have local family. Others are hiding the fact that they have limited mobility and can’t properly take care of themselves. Yet even others suffer from depression and loneliness as they grapple with the loss of loved ones and/or their own independence.  Many g