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Don't let a lack of "experience" intimidate you!

I have a page on Quora where I answer people who have career questions.  The reason why I do it is to share my knowledge with others who may not know what to do and/or can't necessarily afford my services. I get questions many times from people from other questions who don't have access to many of the things that we have in America.  This is my way of giving back.  I thought I'd share one of my responses with you.  This writer wanted to know how to write a resume if they were inexperienced. What is the best way to write a resume as an unexperienced worker? Writing a resume can be difficult for those who have much experience so it can feel impossible for those who have limited experience. Note that I said “ limited ” experience. We each have something that we do that we’re good at. Also, note that I said “ feel ” impossible. The truth is it’s not. The key is finding someone who wants what we have or who can use your skills. Don’t get caught up in how the resume loo