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Q&A: How are resumes changing in 2019?

I try to find different ways to give back. One way is to answer direct questions from people on I actually see this question often across different social media platforms.  Below is my response with additional comments.  How are resumes changing in 2019? Nanette Kirk , President Answered Feb 4  on This is such a good question! Every year, I think there will be this great shift in resume writing that changes the industry. I do think that AI will be used even more in 2019. Many “professional writers” will/are writing articles indicating a particular “format” that includes fantastic graphics, tips, and tricks; however, many companies have not invested in more robust Applicant Tracking Systems so many of those graphic resumes will not make it past the initial scan. I think the content will still be king. A resume with strong content, the right keywords, and accomplishment statements will get the candidate the inter

What is a failure resume and should you have one?

The following is a response to a question I received on Quora regarding a failure resume.  What is a failure resume and is it a good idea to have one?  A failure resume is one that lists all of a person’s failures with high emphasis on “lessons learned” from failures. It is supposed to highlight the candidate’s ability to overcome obstacles while being “interesting.” I don’t recommend anyone to submit one to a company unless it matches the company culture from a creative standpoint. The risk is too high. The key to a great resume is to emphasize “ What’s in it for the company .” While there’s something to be said about a failure resume; transparency, honesty, and humility, how would the company benefit and accomplish their goals? The candidate may have learned their lesson, but what action caused them to actually accomplish a goal? What is the  action  besides learning a lesson? A company wants to know what a candidate  can do and has done , not what the candidate has proven t