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How to Tank an Interview that You Prepared for

The interview: Preparing brings confidence, but over-rehearsing can kill it.  I answered a recent question from Quora that is a normal challenge for many interview candidates.  Many candidates over-prepare for the interview to increase their confidence and make a great impression.  However, because of their over-reliance on a "script" they often lose their confidence because they "missed" a key point or a word out of their script. Read more below: Does preparing for an interview hurt your spontaneity during the job interview? A savvy candidate would definitely prepare for the interview. However, It can go very wrong if the candidate over-rehearses. For this reason, I recommend to my clients to use bullet-points and not remember a script. A candidate who is over-reliant on a script can jeopardize the interview by doing the following: ·          Focusing more on the script than on the non-verbal cues of the interviewer and   engaging the interview