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20+ Years of Experience and Your Résumé Is A Novel? Time to Condense!

If your  résumé  is longer than two pages, keep reading.  A common question many tenured professionals ask is how to best fit 20 years of experience into one to two pages on their résumé.   It’s understandable to want to reflect all of the hard work accomplished spanning 20 long years. The problem is not in sharing the things accomplished through hard work, it is how to communicate the key accomplishments so that it effectively maintains relevance within today’s business environment. While it may appear overwhelming, with a little organization, a novel length  résumé can easily be reduced to one or two pages.  The following are a few tips to help condense the tenured résumé: Writing for the reader will help you stay focused on only including relevant information. 1)     Write for the reader :  Think about what the recruiter and hiring manager want to know. Use the position job description from multiple companies as a guide. 2)   Stay relevant to the tar