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Confront Ageism With Confidence and Strategy!

The problem of Ageism "I went to the interview and thought it went well, but still didn't get the position. Was it my age?" “I feel that I will have to settle for less money and lower position because no company wants to hire an older leader.” “Maybe I should just give up looking for my ideal position, they won’t hire me anyway.”   “I noticed the surprised looks when I walked through the door. I can tell they expected someone younger; like everyone else in the room.” The interview went well. What happened? Many workers over 40 are having difficulty getting hired to their next position because they believe they are victims of ageism or age discrimination.  Many 40+ workers have shared stories on social media of having great interviews, meeting all of the requirements of the position to later not hear back from the organization after several weeks. With their confidence now compromised, these workers feel humiliated, marginalized and rejected.