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The Home Stretch. Eight Tips to help you Accomplish your 2017 Goals!

Here we are! We’re in the month of November and the year 2017 is almost over forever.  When I think about it in that sense, it’s so eerily permanent.  It really puts into perspective the importance of how we spend the time that we have been entrusted. For me, the year has flown by!  The saying that “Time waits for no one” is certainly true. The BIG question. How have you spent your time? Have you accomplished all of your goals?  What life have you positively touched this year? What steps have you put into motion that will change the rest of your life? I wrote an article in June as a check-in and refresher for accomplishing those goals that many of us set back in January. Are you still on track or have you like many given up?     First of all, if you are on track to finish your goals this year, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re almost there!   As for me, there are still several goals on my list that I haven’t yet completed that I’m now reviewing.  Deciding on whe