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Navigating Around Workplace Bias

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a client who was distraught over humiliation she experienced at work after learning that many in her office believed she was only promoted because of Affirmative Action. She found it difficult to work because she wondered how many others held the same belief.  As I tried to convince and remind her that she earned her promotion, she questioned her abilities. The experience shattered her confidence.  Unfortunately, many people of color are challenged with this same experience. The stress of trying to fit-in to a culture that doesn't seem to include them or the responsibility of properly representing their race is a part of their norm. Navigating Around Workplace Bias describes their experience and provides tips on how to navigate around workplace bias.  If you have experienced discrimination of any type, report it. If the company has a process, go through the internal process first. The following resource can help determine what can

Don’t be afraid to move forward. Go ahead for that position!

What fear are you allowing to keep you from moving forward in your career?   What are you telling yourself when you come across a position or goal that you are fully qualified for but keeps you from stepping out and doing it?   Why is it easier to believe that you can’t do it versus that you can? After all, it takes the same amount of energy so why not believe in the positive outcome? The reaction I often get when I ask new clients what they are most proud of in their career is usually an uncertain hesitation.   It’s as if they either do not see what they have accomplished as something to be celebrated or are uncomfortable with speaking about themselves.   Often, they have to take a minute to think about what it is they are proud of.   They shyly share an accomplishment but quickly dismiss it as insignificant. After I encourage them to share or elaborate, what once seemed uncertain or uncomfortable becomes a passionate, energetic discussion.   The reason why I ask this qu