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Is it time for a Reset?

Emojis supplied by EmojiOne Congratulations! June is the half-way mark to completing your New Year’s Resolutions! Yay?  According to , roughly 45% of those who make New Year’s resolutions make it to six months. However, 42.4% of those who make New Year’s resolutions never succeed at all. Unfortunately, I have fallen into both of those statistics more than once in my lifetime.  Sigh. Like many with good intentions and high enthusiasm in January, we rush out and begin working on our resolutions with grit and determination. Slowly, life happens and we give ourselves permission to “skip a day” here and there. As enthusiasm turns into boredom and wanes into tedious monotony, the resolution eventually falls to the wayside; ultimately discarded like yesterday’s trash. Guilt and disappointment immediately set in. Failure again . However, the guilt quickly subsides as excuses alleviate the sting of failure for yet another year.    Does this sound like you