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How I Built my Confidence by Tapping into My Own Experiences. You can Too!

How I Built My Confidence by Tapping into My Own Experiences. You Can Too! Sebastien Le Derout by Unsplash. Media's impact on my confidence.  Media has played a major role in how people tend to view themselves and their place in society. I was not an exception.  “ Fake it until you make it. Never let them see you sweat. You have to be twice as good to go half as far .” These are the things that I and many of my friends were taught growing up in a black home.   The same statements were told to many black children in 1970’s and 1980’s. I grew up at a time where most girls were taught to be a secretary or a nurse; never a doctor or any profession that were (at that time seemingly) reserved for males. The Cosby show was one of the first black show that broke through the stereotypes and was the epitome of the American family. Mom was a fierce attorney and Dad was a doctor.   There were five children who seemed pretty “normal” by television standards. I adored the show and the possibilit