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Salary Negotiation: A Tool To Even the Playing Field Against Pay Disparity

In celebration of Women’s History Month, this article focuses on common professional challenges faced by women in the workplace. In this article, I discuss gender pay disparity and then empower women to leverage salary negotiation as a tool to even the playing field.   What do we tell her? I magine that your teen-age daughter came home from school deeply distressed. She tells you that her teacher told her that as a girl, the best grade she could accomplish if she did everything right was a 3.4 or B+. What would you tell her?  How many people would it take to keep you off of that teacher?    What if her best grade was “adjusted” to 3.78 or an A- due to the results of others including boys in her neighborhood and other factors?  Would that make things better? This scenario may seem extreme and impossible to imagine due to our laws. However, this legally occurs daily at many workplaces around the world including America through gender pay disparity.