Unspoken Rules of the Interview During a job Interview: Updated 2022

Three years ago, I posted an answer on Quora regarding unspoken rules during the job interview. At the time, I had no idea that it would still actively generate upvotes three years later.

My goal was to help a candidate feel better prepared during the interview process. 177K+ views and 700+ upvotes later, I’m thrilled that my response still resonates. The following is the question and response (edited for better readability):

What are some unspoken rules during a job interview?

Unspoken rules of the interview that I share with my clients include:
  • Dress professionally, be polite to everyone and arrive at least 15–20 minutes early. Have a firm handshake.
  • Realize that you actually control the “climate” or “flow” of the interview.
  • Approach the interview with confidence in your abilities (not arrogance). 
  • Remember that the interview is a two-way street - your expertise is a blessing to a company.
  • Approach the interview as a “discussion” versus an interview. Say the interviewer’s name within your answers.
  • Always bring a pad and pen for notes, including interviewer names and titles. Pay attention to something unique they focused on for your follow-up letter.
  • Always send a Follow-up/Thank you email.
  • Never try to remember a full script, use bullet points to refresh your memory.
  • Always do your research on the company:  Executive leaders, vision/mission/values, important events; product launches, new facility etc.
  • Always have at least 3 questions prepared to ask; finishing with Is there any additional information I can provide to help you make a decision?
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