Q&A: How are resumes changing in 2019?

I try to find different ways to give back. One way is to answer direct questions from people on quora.com. I actually see this question often across different social media platforms. 

Below is my response with additional comments. 

How are resumes changing in 2019?
Nanette Kirk
Nanette Kirk, President
This is such a good question! Every year, I think there will be this great shift in resume writing that changes the industry. I do think that AI will be used even more in 2019. Many “professional writers” will/are writing articles indicating a particular “format” that includes fantastic graphics, tips, and tricks; however, many companies have not invested in more robust Applicant Tracking Systems so many of those graphic resumes will not make it past the initial scan.
I think the content will still be king. A resume with strong content, the right keywords, and accomplishment statements will get the candidate the interview.
I do think that companies will look for more creativity through video, social media, web pages, mobile apps, etc. but most will still require the traditional resume at the end of the day to meet federal guidelines for fairness in hiring.
I also think candidates (particularly executives) will be challenged to be more engaged both online and offline in their industries to get the position.

Additional Note:  
Graphics and other creative resources can be strategically added to resumes to increase differentiation.  The key is that the information should "say something useful" that is relevant to the position?  The strategic placement also includes creating those add-ons that can actually be tracked in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and/or have the information detailed in another "textual' location in the resume. For more information on this, feel free to contact me here or from my website at https://www.netkienterprises.com/contact_us.html


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