How to Tank an Interview that You Prepared for

The interview: Preparing brings confidence, but over-rehearsing can kill it. 

I answered a recent question from Quora that is a normal challenge for many interview candidates. 
Many candidates over-prepare for the interview to increase their confidence and make a great impression.  However, because of their over-reliance on a "script" they often lose their confidence because they "missed" a key point or a word out of their script. Read more below:

A savvy candidate would definitely prepare for the interview. However, It can go very wrong if the candidate over-rehearses. For this reason, I recommend to my clients to use bullet-points and not remember a script.

A candidate who is over-reliant on a script can jeopardize the interview by doing the following:
·         Focusing more on the script than on the non-verbal cues of the interviewer and   engaging the interviewer.
·         Failing to completely answer the question or miss the intent of the question because it wasn’t in the “script.”
·         Losing composure if the candidate forgets one small word or minor aspect of the script and then obsessing on the miss thinking they’ve failed the question when the interviewer had no idea of what they “intended” to say in the first place. In effect, causing internal drama where none actually exists.

Many candidates are not aware that they actually control the “feel” of the interview in how they carry themselves, non-verbal and verbal cues and engaging the interviewer through “connection.” I recommend that candidates prepare but remain aware. Lead the interview into more of a discussion, than an “interview.” 
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