The Home Stretch. Eight Tips to help you Accomplish your 2017 Goals!

Here we are! We’re in the month of November and the year 2017 is almost over forever.  When I think about it in that sense, it’s so eerily permanent.  It really puts into perspective the importance of how we spend the time that we have been entrusted. For me, the year has flown by!  The saying that “Time waits for no one” is certainly true.

The BIG question.

How have you spent your time? Have you accomplished all of your goals?  What life have you positively touched this year? What steps have you put into motion that will change the rest of your life?

I wrote an article in June as a check-in and refresher for accomplishing those goals that many of us set back in January. Are you still on track or have you like many given up?    

First of all, if you are on track to finish your goals this year, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re almost there!  

As for me, there are still several goals on my list that I haven’t yet completed that I’m now reviewing.  Deciding on whether or not to strategically delay them to next year or rush to complete them has been a challenge for me. I share the same inner battle that many do. The temptation to rush through so I can proudly say I accomplished all of my goals is reverberating heavily through my mind. It would be easy to do except, who would I really be fooling?  Were my goals so immeasurable and capricious that I can just slide through them without deliberation?  I’m pleased to be able to say not this year.  However, in the past, I’m embarrassed to say that’s exactly what happened.

UGH. The dilemma.  Is it too late? 

The Good News!

There are 48 days left in 2017, so there is still an opportunity to achieve our goals. 

If you haven’t started your goals at all or some of them are so complex there’s no way you can finish them this year; guess what?  It’s okay.

Sure, you may have missed your goal, but you can revamp your plan to lay the groundwork this year with a goal to complete it next year. 

The most important key is to not quit. Take the first step even if it is much later than you intended. 

In retrospect, I found that my problem was that I was purposefully being very aggressive in setting my goals. To be honest, I was tired of the way things had been going. I knew I had to do some things differently and was willing to stretch myself to do it. Honestly, I could’ve finished all of them. In January, I strategically planned them to be a logical progression to the next one.  My major problem was I lost focus.  I’m not proud of it, but I’m not embarrassed either.  I just know that I have to follow through on contingencies.

8 Easy Steps to help you accomplish your goals.

The following are eight steps to help you get through the home stretch: 
  1.  Pray. Tackling challenges are really a mind thing. Prayer provides guidance and clarity and the strength to move forward especially in the tough, uncertain times.  
  2. Review your goals. Does it still make sense?  Is it SMART?  (Specific-Measurable- Attainable- Relevant-Timely). If they are, run with it! Assess the plan and move forward. If they don't remove it.  Explore why you listed it in the first place. Does it need to be adjusted or is it a done deal. 
  3. Write it down. Write down your goals, review them and track progress regularly.  A tool that I use that I’m crazy about is It’s an online project management tool that has both free and paid options. (No, I’m not paid to say it).
  4. Excuse Free Zone. Don’t allow any excuses for not pursuing your goals. If you’ve fallen behind do whatever it takes to get back on track.
  5. Lose the Haters. You know them. They’re the ones who remind you of your past fails or deficits that you may have. Asking you why you’re wasting your time or even reminding you how much better they can do it than you. Yeah, them.  Lose them. They are an unwanted and unnecessary distraction that will negatively impact your confidence and progress.  Know the difference between someone cautiously caring versus a hater.
  6. Envision the end. Continually envision yourself accomplishing your goal. What does it look like?  What does it feel like? Remind yourself frequently. 
  7. Celebrate your wins. Celebrate any goals you have accomplished to date or progress made. Every step moves you closer to success.  
  8. Help someone. Whether you are teaching or mentoring someone, assisting someone with a problem. Bring meaning to your goals. Blessing someone else will make accomplishing your goal more impactful.

Let this year be different from past years of abandoning your New Year’s resolutions. There’s still time.

Stay encouraged! You can do it! 

A quick list to help you remember.


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